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Dang, Qing-Lai 2021-04-21 1-year old black spruce (Picea mariana [Mill.] B.S.P.) and white spruce (Picea glauca [Moench] Voss.) seedlings (obtained from the Boreal Forest Tree Nursery in Thunder Bay) were exposed the following treatments for one growing season: two CO2 concentrations (ambient 380 vs elevated 720 µmol mol-1), with (RI) or without (RI-0) belowground competition, two nutrient supply levels (High: 150 mg/l N, 60 mg/l P, 150 mg/l K, 80 mg/l Ca, 40 mg/l Mg, 60 mg/l vs. low (10% of the high). All the variables were measured after 4 months of treatment. Please see the related publication for more details.
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Morris, Douglas 2022-09-28 Fourteen behavioural variables that describe boreal rodent temperaments and personalities in Morris, D.W. and S. Palmer. 2022. Do animal personalities promote species coexistence? A test with sympatric boreal rodents. Ecology.
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Morris, Douglas 2022-11-17 Contains giving-up densities of meadow voles in "Morris, D. W. 2022. Sex-dependent habitat selection modulates risk management by meadow voles." Data include quadrant used for the experiment = "QUAD", the "Treatment" (Food without straw cover = "Food No Cover"; No food with straw cover = "No Food Cover"; Food with straw cover = "Food & Cover"; No food or straw cover = "Control"), and paired giving-up densities under safe (plywood covered = "GUC" [GUD Under Cover]) and risky (clear polycarbonate covered = "GIO" [GUD In Open]) for 8 time periods.
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Jiao, Changquan 2021-10-14 Respondents provided the ratings of their reactions to formal performance appraisal in the organization. Supervisors rated the job performance of their subordinates.

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