Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy applies to the Lunaris website (the Site),, and the services available on or at the Site. The Service is offered by the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (hereafter: the Service Host).

Privacy Statement

The Service Host respects the privacy of individuals and will only collect, use, and disclose Personal Information in keeping with applicable privacy laws. Personal information is collected in the form of website analytics data with the intention of improving the service. Users may choose to provide personal information through a web email, in which case, the information will be used only for addressing the User’s query.

By submitting Personal Information to the Service Host or by otherwise using the Site or Service, you hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Content: Metadata records, geospatial data, and other information harvested or created by the Service.

Personal Information: Personal information is any recorded information that identifies an individual.

Service: The services available on or at the Site offered by the Service Host.

Service Host: The legal entity responsible for offering the Service, being the Digital Research Alliance of Canada. Site: Lunaris website,

User: An individual who makes use of the Site or the Service by searching for and accessing metadata records.

1.0 Collection of Personal Information

The services relating to Lunaris do not require any form of registration, allowing Users to search, browse, and access metadata records on the Site and Service without informing the Service Host who you are.

In keeping with applicable privacy laws, the Service Host will only collect Personal Information for the purpose of providing the Service to Users or to communicate with Users regarding inquiries for information or customer or technical service requests.

1.1 IP addresses and location data of Users of the system may be collected automatically in order to provide the Service to Users. User comments are collected (via emails sent by Users to or on a voluntary basis.

1.2 For all visitors to the Site, administrative information is collected—such as pages viewed on the site, page access times, browser type, version and language, location, and operating system.

2.0 Use of Personal Information

In keeping with data protection and privacy law, the Service Host will only use Personal Information for the purpose of providing the Service to Users.

2.1 Personal Information collected will be used for the following purposes:

  • responding to inquiries from Users, including customer service and technical support requests
  • administration of voluntary feedback received from Users

2.2 For all visitors to the Site, administrative information collected will be used:

  • for internal administrative use
  • to improve the service
  • for aggregation into de-identified statistics for reporting purposes
  • as required by law

2.3 Internally, only staff with a direct use for the data will have access to Personal Information collected.

3.0 Disclosure of Personal Information

In keeping with data protection and privacy laws, the Service Host will only disclose Personal Information as required by law, or with the express written consent of the individual whom the information is about.

3.1 The Service Host will not sell Personal Information.

3.2 Administrative information and usage data will only be disclosed publicly in a de-identified or aggregate format. For example, the Service will make statistics available regarding the total and unique number of views, search terms and total number of searches, downloads and page clicks related to Content. Views may also be reported on a country or city basis.

4.0 Storage of Personal Information

The Service Host will store Personal Information securely in keeping with accepted records management processes.

4.1 Server storage of Personal information

4.1.1 Personal Information collected by the Service Host will be stored on secure servers located in Canada, currently in British Columbia, Canada and in Ontario, Canada.

4.2 Personal Information collected or used will be held securely and confidentially by the Service Host.

4.3 Any Personal Information received in error by the Service Host will be securely returned to the individual or securely destroyed after the individual has been advised of the error.

5.0 Security of Personal Information

The Service Host uses reasonable and appropriate physical, administrative and technical measures designed to help you secure Personal Information against accidental or unlawful loss, access or disclosure. Only staff and service providers who have a legitimate business purpose for accessing Personal Information collected by the Service Host are authorized to do so. Unauthorized use of Personal Information by anyone affiliated with the Service Host is prohibited and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action. Even though the Service Host takes steps to protect Personal Information, security breaches cannot be eliminated and the Service Host cannot guarantee that Personal Information will not be disclosed or used contrary to this Privacy Policy.

6.0 Privacy Breach Protocol

6.1 The Service Host will maintain a Privacy Breach Protocol to address the management and mitigation of the breach.

6.2 The Privacy Breach Protocol will be reviewed every two years, or as required.

6.3 In the event of a privacy breach (unauthorized access to, or collection, use, or disclosure of Personal Information) authorized persons at the Service Host will follow the Privacy Breach Protocol to assess and contain the breach and provide information about the relevant details and mitigation of the breach.

6.4 Where required by law, any persons impacted by a privacy breach will be advised by the Service Host. Where large numbers of users may be impacted by a privacy breach, notification will be provided on the Site.

7.0 Access to or Removal of Personal Information

7.1 By written request, individuals have the right to request access to Personal Information about themselves that is in the custody of, or under the control of, the Service Host.

7.2 A central function of the Site is to harvest and make available metadata records from third party repository websites. Those metadata records are not under the Service Host’s control. If a User finds personal information contained in a metadata record that has been displayed erroneously, the User should contact the source repository of that record. Changes to metadata records in source repositories may take up to one week to be reflected on the Site, or by written request for expedited removal, upon the Service’s best effort to remove it sooner

7.3 Written requests for access to or removal of personal information should be sent to

8.0 Updates to this Privacy Policy

The Service Host recommends that you take the time to read this Privacy Policy so that you understand how your Personal Information is handled. The Service Host may update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the revised Privacy Policy to the Site or making the revised Privacy Policy available through the Service or Site. The Privacy Policy displayed on the Site will include a “last revised” date. The Service Host strongly encourages you to refer back to the Privacy Policy periodically.

9.0 Links to Other Sites

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Site and the Service. The Service Host may provide links to other websites that may be of interest to visitors. Metadata records may also include links to other websites. However, as the Service Host is not responsible for every website link provided on the Site, it is important to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of the linked websites before providing your personal information to them.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use, or disclosure of Personal Information as regards Lunaris, or about this Privacy Policy please contact our privacy officer at