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Hoover, Zachary 2020-05-22 Shp, files and kmz files for the watercourses, cross basin transects and shore transects used in a fish survey of Boat Harbour, Fall 2019. shp. files and KMZ files for the cross basin transects, shore transects and water courses surveyed for fish in Boat Harbour in Fall 2019.

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1.Turn on the map filter by clicking the “Limit by map area” toggle.
2.Move the map to display your area of interest. Holding the shift key and clicking to draw a box allows for zooming in on a specific area. Search results change as the map moves.
3.Access a record by clicking on an item in the search results or by clicking on a location pin and the linked record title.
Note: Clusters are intended to provide a visual preview of data location. Because there is a maximum of 1000 records displayed on the map, they may not be a completely accurate reflection of the total number of search results.